About Act Sports

Football, padel, hockey, rugby ... name a sport and we’ll take it to the next level. How? With a range of premium artificial grass systems that enhance players’ performance, comfort and safety. 

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Why Act Sports?

Because we love to see athletes thrive – and we’re willing to pull out all the stops to make it happen. 

We design and produce high-performance sports systems for peak performance at all levels. Manufactured inhouse in our facilities in Spain and Belgium, our products have all the technical specifications and playing properties to ensure optimal gameplay quality. 

And if that doesn’t convince you, our sports turf systems also boast superior durability, requires minimal maintenance, and meets – and often exceed – local and international performance and safety standards. 

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Act Sports is recognized by a number of leading, international sports organizations, including FIFA (football), FIH (hockey), WR (rugby) and ITF (tennis). These acknowledgements underpin the premium quality, outstanding playing experience, and unbeatable durability and safety of our sports solutions. 

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Together with industry partners and other leading sports system manufacturers and suppliers, we’re part of several international sports communities, including SAPCA, ETCS and Clúster Internacional Pádel

Who’s behind Act Sports?

Act Sports is a brand by Beaulieu Grass, part of Beaulieu International Group (B.I.G.). 

Founded in 1959 as a family business, B.I.G. is a privately-owned industrial group with three business units at the top of their fields, serving a vast client base in eight key sectors. B.I.G. is a leading producer of resilient flooring, hard flooring, tufted carpet and mats, needle felt and artificial grass for sports (Act Sports) and landscaping (Turfgrass). Our purpose: Shaping sustainable living, together. 

B.I.G. aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. In line with this commitment, Act Sports’ ambition is to produce 100% recyclable products by 2027 and 100% circular products by 2030. 

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Act in line with your dreams

From hockey fields for fast, modern play to fully customized fitness tracks for a variety of exercises, our sports systems let you create unforgettable sports experiences.