For the #1 sport in the world, only the very best surface is good enough. Nowadays, more and more football clubs are choosing artificial turf. And who can blame them: sports turf systems offer a host of playing improvements, from enhanced ball control to better rotation and increased safety. Moreover, football turf can be used for up to 2,000 hours per year, compared to 600 to 800 hours per year for natural grass. With Act Sports by your side – and under your players’ feet – you’re guaranteed to score a winner! 

Football field with players

FIFA Licensee

Act Sports is a FIFA Licensee. This means that our sports systems meet the highest standards in terms of performance, quality and safety for football applications. How do we verify this? All our systems undergo rigorous testing to obtain FIFA Quality (durability and safety) and/or FIFA Quality Pro (first-class performance, accuracy and safety) certifications. 

We offer a vast range of 3G sports turf systems, and we’ve completed over 250 FIFA-certified installations worldwide. Long story short: with Act Sports, your field will be fit for top-level competitive football. 

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A unique, long-term investment

One of the main advantages of football turf over natural grass: durability. The durability of our sports systems is underpinned by rigorous long time Lisport testing runs. Our systems are made to last, under intensive use and all weather conditions, and come with a long-term warranty. Treat your players to an optimal playing experience on a field that looks neat and pristine, season after season, year after year. 

Football legs running on turfgrass
Ball on green turf field - Act Sports, the Premium Artificial Sports Turf Supplier

Consistency is key

Ball control, ball roll, ball speed, ball bounce, absorption, rotation ... at Act Sports, we’ve found the perfect balance of all factors that make for consistent, high-quality play. Whether it’s top of the league stadiums or local community fields, we know how to create a world-class pitch that makes your players shine. 

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Your field, your touch

Do you have any special needs for your sports field? Whether you like a tufted or woven field, infill or non-infill, artificial grass or a hybrid solution... we develop solutions tailored to your needs. Moreover, all our systems are compatible with leading shock pads and e-layers such as BrockFill, and infill vendors like Amorim. And if you’re feeling really bold, custom pitch edging is also a possibility. 

Tufted systems

Act Sports has a wide range of tufted football systems, including the #Classic entry level product, the #Fusion that combines two different yarns for ultimate playability, the #Maxx for maximum use and the #Elite for ultimate playing experience.

Woven systems

Act Sports woven football systems, designed for ultra-natural ball roll, drainability and sustainability, are available as non-infill and infill systems, in a range of pile heights and stitch densities.

Our football turf systems

Maxx Trocellen SBR

The perfect mix of resilience and playing comfort

Fusion Elayer cork - Ball on green turf field - Act Sports, the Premium Artificial Sports Turf Supplier

The perfect mix of resilience and playing comfort

Elite proplay brock

The perfect mix of resilience and playing comfort

Football fields by Act Sports

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