Speed, agility, technique, strength... hockey is one of the most demanding sports out there, and it’s best played on a field that takes all these skills into account. Act Sports allows you to do just that with FIH certified, high-performing, water-based, sand-dressed, and sand-filled hockey turf systems. These are all suitable for club, national, international and Olympic hockey.

Blue Hockey field player

Optimal player experience & safety

Our hockey sports systems feature highly resilient yarns, a short, dense pile height and a flat, firm surface to optimize pace and technique. Plus, they enhance footing and stick movements, support aerial and 3D skills, and keep your joints and muscles in prime condition. Expect superb stick & ball surface interaction and fast, consistent and safe play for all competitive games. What’s not to like?

FIH hockey certified

FIH Preferred Supplier

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has recognized Act Sports as an FIH Preferred Supplier. Our hockey systems are designed to meet FIH global and national classification standards and guarantee a professional-quality playing surface for the intended level of play – whether community development or elite competition.

Comprehensive testing

FIH certified systems are independently tested by an FIH Accredited Test Institute to ensure they meet the requirements of the FIH Quality Program for Hockey Turf. Tests include measurements of the interaction between the ball, the stick and the playing surface, verify adequate comfort, safety, performance for player protection, and confirm that the field is built to FIH dimensions and requirements. 

Sand- and water-based systems

Our hockey turf system portfolio includes both sand- and water-based solutions to suit your style of play.

In our sand-filled hockey systems, the fibers are held upright by the sand infill in the mat. This allows for more flexibility and multi-purpose use.

Our sand-dressed systems typically have a denser fiber structure and require less sand. 

And our water-based fields boast a smooth and consistent playing surface, ideal for high-speed, modern hockey play, and optimum stick & ball surface interaction. Needless to say that Act Sports is also developing water-free hockey systems that will meet all requirements for international games (from Paris 2024 on).

Hockey field with player and water

Our hockey turf systems

Hockey trocellen no infill

The perfect mix of resilience and playing comfort

HockeySD sand

The perfect mix of resilience and playing comfort

Game on!

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