Schools, local governments and institutions are all looking for ways to maximize space for their athletic programs. With a multisport field, you can’t go wrong. Whatever combination of sports you have in mind, we’ll provide you with a custom design and a durable solution that makes it possible. 

Multisport field at sundown

One surface, multiple sports

Multisport fields are typically used by multiple clubs or teams precisely because they support different sports. That means you’ll need a solution that can withstand intensive use. Our durable sports systems can be used up to 60 hours per week. Maximize playing time and get long-term value from your investment. 

Rugby low huddle

Endless possibilities

As the name suggests, a multisport field can be used for any combination of sports. Football, hockey,... you name it, we’ll create a custom design with inlaid lines and markings that suits your needs. 

Hockey sticks on turfgrass playing

Our multisport turf systems


The perfect mix of resilience and playing comfort


Designed for a mix of applications

Game on!

Contact Act Sports for a personal quote based on your needs, sports turf preferences, project dimensions and budget.