Act in line with your dreams

Sports systems that make athletes perform their best, time after time

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Live, Work, Play, Act.

Sports make life worth living. It contributes to an active and healthy lifestyle. It connects communities and individuals. And it allows both enthusiasts and pros to enjoy the value of team spirit, push their limits and – perhaps most importantly – have fun. 

Act Sports is about all that. Our premium sports systems let athletes of any level excel at what they love most, whether that’s football, rugby, tennis, padel, hockey or any other discipline. 

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Act Sports: in it for the players

Whether it’s recreational athletes looking to unwind or competitive pros striving for peak performance, we design and produce high-quality sports turf systems because we love to see athletes of all levels act in line with their dreams. By carefully listening to feedback and experiences from players and trainers, we ensure that all our R&D and innovation projects contribute to player performance, comfort and safety. 

The bigger the challenge, the greater our motivation! 

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Bringing Science to the Surface

We exist to drive player safety and player performance with our artificial grass systems. We are applying our data-driven approach to system engineering to create surfaces that are tested to mimic natural grass, reduce injuries, and enhance player performance.
Everything we do starts and ends with player research. We drive that through all of our manufacturing, construction, maintenance, and circle it back into new rounds of product testing.

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Staying ahead of the game

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Taking a leading role in the community

Act Sports is a member of SAPCA, ESTC, Samen Circulair and Clúster Internacional Pádel.​ 

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A wide range of certified systems

A range of tufted and woven systems, infill, sand-dressed and non-infill products. 

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Meeting the highest standards

Our solutions are FIFA (football), FIH (hockey), WR (rugby) & ITF (tennis) certified.​ 

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European quality

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified plants in Belgium and Spain. 

Field Testing

Tested for intense use

Partnerships with leading labs worldwide for testing. 

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Engineering know-how

Tailored advice from our experts to meet your specific project requirements.

Securing a sustainable future

In line with Beaulieu International Group’s Route 2030 sustainable and circular vision, we are continuously evaluating and improving the footprint of our turf systems. All systems are fully recyclable, water efficient, and designed for ultimate performance with organic infill. Next to that we are continuously looking for the better way, as we move towards fully circular sports turf systems. 
Act Sports is ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified, underpinning our commitment to providing quality solutions and managing environmental performance. 

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Pioneer in woven sports turf systems

Next to its full range of tufted sports turf systems, Act Sports also provides a unique and proprietary range of woven turf systems, designed to meet and exceed player expectations. Key benefits of woven turf are superior ball roll, improved water permeability, ultimate resilence and easier recycling as the products are 100% monomaterial.

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Kick off your project

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#1 Get inspired by real-life projects

Numerous clubs, communities and other institutions around the world count on Act Sports. Even if you have a good idea of what you’re looking for, why not take inspiration from some of our other realizations? 

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#2 Browse our systems

Ready to take the leap, but not entirely sure what your options are, what characterizes them, and how they compare? Our product selector will guide the way. 

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#3 Team up with our specialists

Contact us for a personal quote based on your needs, sports turf preferences, project dimensions and budget. 

Ready to act in line with your dreams?

With our premium sports turf, you’re guaranteed to score brilliant reviews from athletes, coaches, fans and greenkeepers.