Pioneering Sports Turf

The world of sports is developing at an unprecedented pace, with new innovations transforming every aspect of sport, on and off the pitch. Act Sports commits itself to numerous innovative projects to drive the transition towards sustainable and circular sports systems, as illustrated by our proprietary woven sports systems range. Our teams are constantly looking for new ways to create optimal solutions that meet and exceed player performance needs.

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Tested for lifetime performance

All Act Sports systems have been rigorously tested for playability, safety and quality. Ball roll, rotational resistance, surface hardness, color stability or even wear and tear of the turf and infill, nothing has been left untouched by our engineers in their search for the best sport systems. And don’t take our word for it, all systems have been tested and qualified by leading sportslabs.

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Certified to meet and exceed playing standards

For all our systems, we strive for maximum quality, comfort and safety. This commitment is underlined by our internationally recognized certifications, including FIFA (football), FIH (hockey), WR (rugby), ITF (tennis) and IFP (padel). 

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Pioneers in sustainable sports systems

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Our sports systems can be recycled through a network of trusted third parties. 

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We pave the way for sustainable solutions such as organic infill, non-infill and woven products. What’s more, the latter no longer require the use of latex or polyurethane, making them 100% mono-materials and therefore easy to recycle. 

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Our systems featuring Recyarn contain internal production waste. In the future, we also want to process external waste in our solutions. 

Vertically integrated production facilities

Being part of a vertically integrated industrial group (B.I.G.), we have plenty of in-house expertise in yarn extrusion. We also cooperate closely with leading yarn vendors to offer optimized solutions for diverse sports. 

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Installed to perfection

From guidance on drainage and sub-based to laying and maintaining your sports turf systems, Act Sports professionals are ready to provide you with hands-on support and advice. Every system comes with detailed installation and maintenance guides, and we are day in day out in close contact with our certified installers and contractors to make sure your pitch gets installed to perfection.


As a respected industry player Act Sports teams up with leading designers and manufacturers of shockpads, e-layers, infill materials, … and is continuously looking to redefine performance with new sports turf systems providing superior playing comfort. Whether you are looking for the latest in organic infill, the greatest in ball roll or the best in terms of player safety, we’ve got our eye on the ball.

The right balance between comfort and performance

Performance and comfort go hand in hand. All our systems are aimed at increasing player comfort and minimizing the risk of injuries. Moreover, you can choose from a set of different surfaces to suit your preferred style of play (e.g. padel surfaces for fast play versus for slower play and intensive use). 

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Need help to find the right sports system?

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