Padel & Tennis

Racquet sports have been around for ages and today they are more popular than ever, driven by padel. In Spain, the cradle of padel, our teams are designing the next generation of sports turf for racquet sports, so you can serve, smash and dropshot your way to victory on the most comfortable, durable, and safe playing surface! 

padel close up to the ball

Pioneering in padel

If there’s one party that knows how to create a top-level padel or tennis field, it’s Act Sports. We’re the global market leader in padel with more than 10,000 fields featuring our sports turf. Think creating a smooth, consistent and safe playing surface is challenging? We’ll make it look easy. 

Padel player on red turf field

Engineered for excellence on all fronts

Choosing sports turf for padel or tennis is a long-term investment. The fibers are integrated with UV protection technology so your field will stay beautiful and playable for many years to come. What’s more, sports turf is easier on players’ joints, leading to fewer injuries and more comfortable play. And finally, come rain or shine, our surfaces provide exceptional foot stability and ball responsiveness. Why prioritize performance, safety or durability when you can have a solution that combines them all? 

padel playing court

Surfaces for different playstyles

Act Sports offers 3 dedicated ranges to match your playstyle: 

  • fibrillated tape sports turf for faster play, 
  • straight monofilament sports turf for slower play and intense use, 
  • texturized monofilament sports turf, combining the best of both worlds. 

The latter is the type of turf used in the World Padel Tour and is suitable for intensive use, has optimal cushioning and increased durability, even with reduced maintenance. Thanks to the small amount of silica sand, the floor gains significant slip resistance, which means increased safety without affecting the game. Ball bounce is excellent at all points of the surface, and because there is no friction with the sand, both the court and the balls have a longer lifespan. Last but not least, the entire playing surface looks homogeneous. 

Top view blue padel court

Part of Clúster Internacional Pádel

Act Sports is a member of Clúster Internacional Pádel. This global initiative brings together producers, distributors and vendors of all kinds of padel products. The cluster defends the interests of its members and encourages the practice of padel and other racket sports. In addition, it stimulates quality, development and sustainability, and the promotion of padel and its members’ activities. 

Padel international logo on blue padel field

Our padel & tennis turf systems


Fast play, high resistance and good shock absorption


A light-weight padel court with long lifetime


Engineered and tufted for intense use and long life

Game on!

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