In a full-contact sport like rugby, the combination of power, pace and agility makes for a tough, injury-prone game. For the best player experience, you’ll need a resilient surface that’s suitable for heavy use but also provides a safe landing at impact. Our tufted and woven, infill, artificial and hybrid rugby turf systems deliver world-class fields for all levels of play. 

Rugby field with players piling on ball

World Rugby Preferred Turf Producer

Recognizing our global track record in the production, installation and maintenance of rugby turf fields, World Rugby has named Act Sports a World Rugby Preferred Turf Producer. This certification illustrates our commitment to quality and proves that our systems meet international performance and safety standards for training, competition and community activities. 

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Rigorous testing by World Rugby Accredited Test Institutes​

All our rugby turf systems undergo comprehensive testing by WR Accredited Test Institutes. This means they are tested twice: first within a laboratory environment and then again once the installation itself is completed. These tests ensure that player welfare is promoted, that our surfaces function as expected for up to 10 years, and that all performance requirements are in place to mimic natural grass play and minimize the risk of injury upon impact with the surface. 

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Where performance, safety and durability meet

To keep sports safe, injury prevention is essential. And rugby is no exception. By maintaining your pitch in optimal condition, you can prevent a lot of player distress. Our rugby systems are made with durable, skin-friendly yarns and fitted with proven shock pads and infill systems to maximize impact cushioning. When installed by our professional network, your field will strike the ideal balance between durability, comfort, safety and performance. 

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Our rugby turf systems

Maxx Trocellen SBR

The perfect mix of resilience and playing comfort

Fusion Elayer cork - Ball on green turf field - Act Sports, the Premium Artificial Sports Turf Supplier

The perfect mix of resilience and playing comfort

Elite proplay brock

The perfect mix of resilience and playing comfort

Game on!

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