Fitness & Gym

In recent years, fitness clubs and gyms have become an integral part of our modern lifestyle, offering a wide range of exercise equipment for health and fitness goals. Act Sports treats gym-goers, fitness enthusiasts and CrossFit athletes to surfaces that can withstand heavy use and provide a safe, comfortable workout experience. Our durable sports turf solutions are designed to enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of any gym or fitness center. 

two people in the gym working out on grass

Versatility at its finest

If you’re buying a new piece of fitness equipment for every exercise, you’ll find that the bill quickly mounts up. Sports turf, however, can be used for a whole host of activities, including sprinting, tire work, plyometrics, sled pulling and pushing, weight training... the list is endless. Our short-pile sports turf is also ideal for CrossFit and fitness training. Flexible, durable and multifunctional: it’s a dream come true for any club owner and for all-round gym-goers who love a little variation. 

man in gym with ropes

Your body will thank you

No pain, no gain, but if you could work out on a comfortable surface, you’d know, right? Our sports turf is characterized by its high stitch density, which increases both comfort and durability. This way, after your exercises, you can return home without aches and pains – and come back the next day for more! 

women with weights
Man climbing rope

Here comes the sun

With a lot of windows in your fitness center or gym, are you worried about fading or discoloration of your sports turf? There’s no cause for alarm: thanks to its increased UV resistance, now you really can install your sports turf surfaces wherever you wish. And even when exposed to direct sunlight, they will continue to look vibrant, day after day. 

Gym custom grass

A customizable eye-catcher

Not only can you use our sports turf for numerous fitness activities, you can also wow your customers with it. Believe us: they’ll be amazed when they see your patch of sports ingenuity among all their heavy and familiar equipment. And if you really want to make it your own, you can apply logo prints to your design, pick a unique color, or even create fully customized tracks with your own markings. If you can dream it, we can make it! 

Game on!

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